About Us

Automatictrade CO.,LTD. is a software development company founded in 2006, soon afterward stock trading platform 'AUTORE', the algorithmic trading tool was released to the public.

AUTORE was designed for Japanes stock exchange markets(Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, etc.). Since release of AUTORE, functionality and perfomance were increased.

October 2007 NIKKEI225 Future market was added and released as AUTORE225. Since release of these services, we are working with some of Japanese leading brokers.

As of March 2010, There is over 25,000 users. Autore provides service for users of 4 Japanese brokerage for stock, 3 brokerage fot future(Nikkei225), 1 brokerage for CME, 1 brokerage for FX.

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