AUTORE is web-based automatic execution stock trading tool for private investors trading in Japanese stock market, Nikkei225(Future and Mini), CFD Future and FX.

Once registerd members set their own execution rules at AUTORE, our system monitors specified stocks and will execute stock trade when the rule has matched. Also AUTORE system repeats stock trade while you have enough money in your brokerage account. That means you can automate your stock trade from short-term investment to long-term imvestment semipermanently.

Over 2,100,000,000 ways of rules with reverse limit order, trailing stop order, set both sell price and loss cut price at same stock. Variety of execution rule settings are available.

AUTORE is EASY and POWERFULL tool for your stock trading life.In case your online broker only accepts limit order, AUTORE members can use advanced trading technique through system.

Things you can do with AUTORE:

  • Automate stock buying and selling(trading rules can be edited anytime).
  • Semipermanently trade.
  • Monitor specified stocks and execute stock trade when rule matches.
  • Reverse limit order(buy when stock price rises, sell when stock price falls).
  • Set both sell price and loss cut price at same stock.
  • Buy order and sell order at the same time(offsetting order) for short-term quick return.
  • Trailing stop order after capital gain is confirmed.
  • Set order time.
  • Set execution rules with considering bullish market/bearish market.
  • Set execution rules with technical indexes(Moving Average, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Band, Stcastics, etc).
  • Search stocks by using above tecnical indexes.

...and more

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