How It Works?

As an ASP System - For private investors

Autore user create an execution rule first and set brokerage account information. When everything is ready, Autore System begins monitor market. When the execution rule matches, Autore System automatically logs into broker's website with the account information and will make an order. Autore System behaves exactly the rule you created.


  • Autore System is running in secure data center.
  • No additional application installation of softwares.
  • Also there is no affection of order by users' computer-mediated environment.
As an ASP System - for private investors

As a Customized OEM System - For enterprise users

Unlike ordinary OEM, we can offer customized pre-structed systems by the demand of enterprise users.(e.g. Simplifies rule creation setting page, modify to assumption selection type.)

Autore System is pre-structed as a ASP service, it has good affinity with existence order system.

As a Customized OEM System -for enterprise users

There are two types of purpose we can provide. but as you know flexibility of Autore Systems can fit any type of request.

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