Web-based Algorithmic trading system
AUTORE is web-based Algorithmic trading system. NO Additional Software installation required, just a modern Web browser that runs on Windows/Mac/Linux is necessary. You can access to AUTORE anytime anywhere when you are online.
Advanced Trading Tequnique
If your online broker does not accept other than limit order, you can use advanced trading technique through AUTORE.
Once your own execution rule setting has finished, Autore monitors market and will execute rules. Up to execution rules you can automate your stock trade from short-term investment to long-term imvestment semipermanently.
Create execution rules with your language, not with programming language.
Learning a specific programming language for Algorithmic trading is not easy work but unavoidable. A lot of traders hesitate to step into algorithmic trading because using program language is hassle. AUTORE does not require programming skill for algorithmic trading.
Execution rules are distributable
AUTORE's execution rules are importable/exportable and it also be able to export as an encrypted distributable format.
Demo trade
When execution rule is ready but you want make sure how to behave on the market, well Demo trade is for you. You can test the rule with current market hehavier.
Back Test
Execution rules can be tested with past market data as back test.
Simple and Easy Setting
Just pick some parameters from menu and your own execution rules will be created.
Technical Indexes
Following technical Indexes are available.
  • Yesterday's Four Prices
  • Day Before Yesterday's Four Prices
  • Moving Avarage
  • MACD
  • Stochastic
  • Bollnger Bands
  • RSI
  • DMI
... and more
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